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i am just wondering if they have to open that many store there, is it just really that much of a demand of people needing that many stores in the area? why don't you have them open more like fruit and vegetables store so people eat more fruits and vegetables and they become healthy? i strongly objected for that because it will be hurting our next generation or our children and also our grandchildren to come. thank you. >> hi, my name is kiphan lan. i totally objected that in that
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area they open an mcd. because i have children and i do not want it to affect my next generation and it will totally affect the safety and security of the area. >> thank you. >> my name is gin lushe, i object to open an mcd in the area. if opening up an mcd will benefit the community, i will go for it but i want you to think twice and clearly, is that some sort of benefit that is really to the community? i have seen people taking
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marijuana, but those people under the influence of marijuana, they don't even know what they are doing, in fact, they don't know what they are doing with themselves. so therefore we are very in fear, we do not want to have anything bad or anything unpleasant to be happening in the area of the mcd. we are afraid of that. thank you. >> thank you. >> hi, my name is mu peng gee. i strongly object to have an mcd open in the area.
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it will affect my children and also my grandchildren and affect their health. that's all. >> thank you. >> my name is ren tang chi. i do not want them to mess up our community. that's it. >> thank you. >> my name is iyen pung. i object mcd to be opened in the area and affect our community. because a lot of times, i'm waiting at the bus stop to ride on the bus, a lot of time, i could smell those young folks taking marijuana and i could smell it, therefore, i object to that. >> thank you.
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>> good evening, my name is sue yaoe. i'm really object for mcd opening in my area because considering my children. usually, i know that they will sell the marijuana in the area and it is very affect my child. right now, my air is getting better and cleaner and before when i pass the street, i usually can smell the people, what they have, they smell really bad. so, i really strongly object to
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have the mcd opening in my area. thank you. >> thank you. >> i know when mcd place operated, this is a way of saving the expenses of the patients, but originally, the intent of this particular store opejust for delivery purpose. but however, when you operate this kind of a store, then you have involved like rent, utilities, garbage and also other insurance too.
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as an accountant, i believe this kind of expenses is way beyond the delivery service. so, i don't believe this permit should be approved. plus another reason to have this mcd store there, the patient can be selecting their drugs personally. but however, all the medicine has to be approved by the patient's doctor. so, it will not be up to the patient to select what they
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want. so, therefore, i do not believe that's a good reason to have the mcd to be approved to operate in the area. >> my name is vivian young. >> thank you. >> my name is allen chen. my understanding is like, you know, with this kind of permit, eventually they're going to operate or build a store something like that. so, it affected our children and our grandchildren in the future.
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so, they cannot just say that they're spending this money and that money, however, you have to know that this is our future and also this is for children is the future of our country, united states. actually, i feel very sympathy for people who needed marijuana to treat their illness, i totally sympathize with these people, however, i believe that this should be made by a doctor decision. >> okay, thank you. >> my name is tina jing.
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i totally object to this particular permit because it will affect our adolescents. >> thank you. >> my name is susan mah. i believe that mcd store being operated or open in the area, it would affect the teenagers very easily because these people are very easily to be influenced because they still lack judgment to know what is good and what is bad.
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so, i believe the future of our younger generation, this is the hope of our parents and it's the hope for america. thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is oi win wong, i object. >> thank you. >> my name's is dianna chen, i strongly object to it because those people who needed the treatment of the marijuana, they are being taken care of by the doctor and also they could have home delivery. thank you. >> my name is ce chen, i strongly object to the mcd
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operate in the area. it will affect our next generation. >> thank you. >> my name is won lee wong. i hope you all will listen to the elders and also the voice of these parents. i strongly object to have an mcd store to be operated in the area. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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>> i thank you for the board to give you the opportunity to speak to you. for our friend would want to open the marijuana store, they say at the location of 4218 that they open the marijuana store, there's no children which is near that particular bus stop. it will take me less than 10 3รท minutes of the time, so between
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the three bus stop at mission and silver, in that three bus stop, i have taken pictures to show there are a lot of children in the area. the time period that's between like 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning . there's pictures that is being shown to you all. and also in that area, there is a lot of youngsters or young kids will be passing by in the area.
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the first one is called the san francisco community or chinatown school. the second one is ymca and they're not too far from it, there's a small park. >> does he care to say his name? >> my name is stephen chow. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is mao lee. i object to opening an mcd store in the area because for those people who need
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marijuana, they easily can be purchased at the hospital, so for those people who have inability to move around, they could have that mailed to them. thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is kinder general, i strongly oppose of an mcd store open in the area. >> thank you. >> my name is chen sung coy quan, i object that there's a possibility to open an mcd store in the area.
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why did i say that? so now currently they just use the excuse, it's like doing some kind of remodeling and not necessarily they are selling marijuana, but however, it was previously stated that particular store is intended for selling marijuana. so, therefore, if they don't admit it, it's just an excuse. so, by the time that in reality it's going to happen, so things will not be as what they stated, so therefore i'm strongly objecting because i live in the neighborhood. i love around the area.
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thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is limichung, i live in mission and excelsior district, in my neighborhood, there's two elementary schools in the area. so let's say if there's a few mcd store open in the area, it's not good for the children at all. i have three grand kids who study at balboa school, so they constantly and regularly pass by the area which is the mission area, so for people who
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took the marijuana, it's not good for the mental health, so those people will [inaudible] to do work, so i totally object and oppose for opening mcd in the area. thank you. >> my name is winnie chen. i want to tell you all commissioners, so it's under such a big opposition to open an mcd store in our neighborhood , this is just a sequel, you are putting a bomb in our community. let's say in the future like something like a hate crime to take place and other problems
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arise, isn't that because you all commissioners ignored the people's voices, aligned the mcd store to open there and you all ought to be liable for this. lastly, i want you to know, the voices of opposition, we are not far less than sunset district. the permit for the sunset district is also involved in interior remodeling only. i hope you all commissioners will think about our community and then deny the permit for
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the mcd store. >> thank you. >> my name is se seal ya kao*i, i strongly object to have the mcd store open in the area. thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is may ling chung, i object to mcd. if they needed the substance, they can easily pick up at the hospital or have it mailed or delivered to them. thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is may wong. i objected that they would do remodeling and then open up the mcd store in the area.
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actually, smoking is already bad for people, the smell is bad and not good and bad for the kids and bad for everybody. the government's already telling people smoking is bad for them, how come you let these people to pollute the air. they could go to somewhere far, not to have in the area where a densely populated with residents . actually, the area in coming up is getting better, so let's say you let the mcd store open in the area, then a lot of people might not like the idea and
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they will start moving out of the area. >> thank you. >> my name is sue ying lee. i strongly oppose to have an mcd store open in my community, so it will directly affect the environment of my community and also our livelihood. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, commissioner, i hope you can disregard the process and let the green cross move forward, a lot of these previous speakers talk uneducated about marijuana and the benefits that it provides. i use it myself, it helps many people and the thing about the security, i'm sure that the security provided by the green
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cross will help out the neighborhood and push a lot of crime away just like any other camera, thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, my name is kevin, i was talking in favor of the green cross and being able to go ahead and fall through with the demolition on the property that even though if a club was to open up there, i'm sure that the green cross if anything would be a positive effect on the community. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you, commissioners for your time, my name is tony, i'm aoem a medical cannabis patient , and i just want to say that the green cross is a great establishment, it would be an
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excellent establishment to this neighborhood, it helps reduce crime and revitalize neighborhoods, further more n states where they passed cannabis laws, they had a reduction in children use. if they thought it would endanger children, these unfounded accusations are not brought in by facts, the green cross comports itself as a collective operation, we know many of you have chosen the green cross for a variety of reasons, their professionalism, their commitment to patient s*frs and is their community leadership and i want to thank you all for your time. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> my name's julian, i've been a patient with green cross for
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about two years, i just want to let the opposition know that medical cannabis dispensaries don't serve children, they don't allow children into the vicinity and approve the building, thank you. >> my name is anjo chen. i object to have an mcd store open in my neighborhood. because in our area, there's a lot of grade schools, elementary schools and then there's a center for younger kids. they have like for the young ki the area.
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once you have an mcd store in the area, no matter what, it's not good for the children, not good for everybody, it's not good to have this around our children. i can imagine how come that three of these mcd stores can be allowed to operate in such a close distance. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, my name's [inaudible] and i've been a member of the green cross, i work many jobs and medical cannabis helps me a lot, i need energy and i'm not lazy, thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, my name is victor and i'm here to support
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the green cross, insomnia runs in my family and medical cannabis gives me an opportunity to help my sickness and so i just wanted to stand here and support the green cross and i'm also a scholar and medical marijuana help me get straight a's in school, so i would like to thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is serena, i object to marijuana store because they have a general hospital around, they have their own neighborhood over there, they can go to the community and go to mission -- the hospital around there, so they have plenty of hospitals, so they can go there to get the drug if
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they're sick, [inaudible]. also, the people can go to hospice, they have the medication for that treatment, in hospital, they can monitor their medications. they can cause more car accidents, then people in the neighborhood is not safe. consider not to allow that drug in that neighborhood. we have plenty of hospitals, they can go to the hospital. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm bryan and ix i would like to address some of the fears that keep coming up in the opposition. first of all, i was kevin's
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neighbor for two and a half years, a year and a half, i had no clue that he was running an mcd, i was living right next door, he does run a clean-cut operation and very professional, safety in the neighborhood, he has cameras everywhere, if anything happens, if there is any crime going on, he will have it recorded and there were several cases that happened while i was living there, thirdly, mcd's are not playground, kids aren't going to flock to these things, when done correctly, they are like a bar or a pharmacy when people don't think of walking their children into rite aid, so urge you to get this approved and get the ball rolling. >> thank you, next speaker, please.

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